Eco-Friendly, Environmentally Safe
Japanese Technology


Active Water

Multi-Product Use.

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Liquid Cement Hardening Agent

Eco-Friendly Liquid Hardening Agent that Delivers Cost Saving on Material Construction such as Cement, Gravel and Sand. Quick Drying Time, Strong and Dependable for Infrastructure Projects.
Applicable on Multi-Purpose, Multi-Materials Projects where Cement and Earth Soil is Utilized.

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Shinsen Water Activator

Changes Water Composition to Eco-Friendly Water with Multiple Benefits for Human, Commercial and Industrial Use.

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Fuel Enhancer

Enhances the Quality of Any Liquid Fuel. Increases Engine Power. Savings on Fuel Expenses and Engine Maintenance.

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Management Solutions

Delivering quick compliant effluent Solutions. Sewage and Septic treatment Residential, Commercial, Industrial. Japan Technology.

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Solid Waste to Energy Solutions / Carbonizing Machine

Waste Management Solutions at Your Fingertips.

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Wastewater Treatment Plant "Johkasou"

Offers Broad Range of Products to Meet All Required Treatment Levels, Applications & Processes.

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About Us

ShinSui Water Technology Corporation is a local trading, manufacturing and distribution company, geared in developing products that are environmentally safe, human-friendly and ecologically sound, timely and relevant.

The company has teamed-up and has an exclusive joint venture agreement with K2 TECHNOLOGY COMPANY, LTD. of Japan to assure its commitment to product quality and realize its goal in promoting environmental preservation and protection, share to the world its pioneering research, and its innovations through its ecologically sound products. Thus, the company has been authorized to locally manufacture, distribute and sell in the Philippines, products based from its flagship products from Japan. The forging of this cooperation would allow the Japanese company to share their expertise to the local Philippine market, and from the Philippines to the world.

K2 TECHNOLOGY COMPANY, LTD. is a Japanese corporation founded in 2007, and based in Nagata Moka City, Tochigi Prefecture, Japan, and is involved in various and relentless research, development and production of environmental technologies, producing multiple innovative and high quality products, essential and beneficial to the needs of the present world.

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